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Does it take you hours to find specific hotspots? And even ages to add all these hotspots to your route?

Stop waisting time and enjoy your ride by simply selecting your favorite kind of hotspot.

Stop wasting time and simply add your favorite type of hotspot to your route just by clicking.


Just three clicks and we add all POI's to your route.


In just a few seconds all POI's are being added and your route is available for immediate use.

All devices can use our routes.

Our routes can be used on any routing device as well phone, tablets.


Only neaby hotspots are added to your route.

Global coverage

You can use any GPX-route accross the globe.


You can import your route on any device instantly.

This Tool Is For Cyclists and more

Are you planning for a ride? Try our free tool. Simply upload your route and select any Point Of Interest. Click Download and we will prepare your route and add your selected Points of Interest to your route. For free.



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My name is Elio Tagliola and I have developed this website for cyclists. You can use this tool to create your routes for your own purposes. Commercial use of route generates via our tool may be used upon request.

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